Be a part of the geographical history of the planet.

A major national magazine that focuses on nature and all of its elements has asked for help.  The magazine is  planning a spectacular issue that will highlight one of the earth's most beautiful ecosystems.  Not only will the magazine publish the article, but they also plan to turn the information into a special feature on a  popular cable channel.  The problem is that there are so many beautiful and fascinating places to choose from.  As a result, the magazine is holding a country wide competition for teams of explorers to present and persuade the editors to choose their favorite ecosytem.  The teams will engage in online and offline research to create a product that is so breathtaking that the editors will have no choice but to choose it.  
Discover things you didn't know in your quest to explore the wonders of nature!  You and your team can be remembered for your contributions to the knowledge about our planet.   
The benefits of winning this competition will be to see your favorite ecosystem with all of its living and nonliving elements in print and featured on a highly respected nature channel.  The team responsible for persuading the magazine to use their work will be announced in the credits of the magazine and on the television production as the research team responsible for the incredible work.  In this way, your team will take their place in the archives of geography, and will help to make the world a more informed place.   

Are you ready for the challenge?  If so, you and your team will navigate through the pages of this webquest to learn of your task, how to proceed with accomplishing that task, and how to evaluate your own work.  The task will conclude with a finished product that any team would be proud to share with the world.

The earth and its creatures  are depending on you!